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Make your production line more efficient

RED is a condition monitoring system based on the electrical signature of AC motors that allows you to eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce energy consumption of rotating production equipment. RED allows you to increase overall equipment efficiency.

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How can RED improve production efficiency?

The role of AC motors in production line efficiency

Rotating equipment has always played a central role in the industry. Used directly or indirectly for production, rotating equipment is found in large numbers of industries and can be of various types such as





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AC motor

And others

Those equipment, mainly driven by AC motors, are the driving force behind the production capacity.
Industries should look at optimising the efficiency of these motorized drives to ensure maximum production at minimum cost.

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Unplanned downtime costs 20% of production capacity

Apart from the intangible costs that those downtimes generate, they can represent a significant proportion of your production capacity. This is why being able to anticipate a future breakdown several weeks or months in advance thanks to the information given by a predictive maintenance system represents a real added value for an industrial plant.

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AC motors represent 70% of the global electrical consumption of an industrial plant

The slightest energy improvement can therefore have a considerable impact on the industry’s costs but can also have a considerable impact on a global environmental scale. The reduction of energy waste due to the suboptimal use of electric motors therefore represents multiple economic and ecological advantages and a golden opportunity for the industrial players to reduce useless costs, save on CO2 allowances and continue to work on the necessary steps towards ISO standards.

RED makes it possible to reach high production efficiency by

eliminating unplanned downtime & reducing energy consumption

most commercial solutions focus on vibration analysis, infrared thermography or oil analysis

RED analyzes the current and voltage signals of your AC motors

Improve equipment efficiency with Insens

Insens is a strategic partner for any industrial site wishing to improve the efficiency of its production equipment. Insens covers the entire process, from measurement to analysis, to ensure reliability and smooth communication between Insens and its partners. Moreover, RED is not a traditional predictive maintenance system. In addition to a superior accuracy rate and a unique ease of installation, RED also allows you to establish different energy diagnostics in order to save costs and reduce your company’s environmental footprint.



Predict electrical & mechanical failures

RED works with cutting-edge technology that allows our algorithms to predict mechanical and electrical failures weeks to months in advance, even before noticeable symptoms such as temperature or vibration changes. Thanks to this continuous diagnosis of machine condition, you can proactively manage equipment failure and avoid up to 90% of unplanned downtime.

Get energy saving recommendations

As our sensors continuously measures the current and voltage supplying your motors, we are able to analyse your power consumption in detail and derive different energy optimization suggestions and energy saving tips tailored to each of your assets. Our analysts will analyse your data to suggest the most relevant improvements for your industrial plant. Insens helps you to increasy your energy efficiency.


Monitor assets in hard-to-reach areas 

Whether it’s because your assets are located in ATEX areas or because they are difficult to reach such as submerged equipment, placing sensors on the machine itself may not be a suitable alternative. As our sensors are installed directly inside the motor control cabinet, they allow you to easily monitor equipment in hard-to-reach areas.

Quantify and demonstrate your efforts

In addition to advising you on how to improve overall equipment efficiency and on how to reduce your energy consumption, RED also allows you to quantify your efforts as it analyzes the evolution of your energy efficiency. This allows you to really measure the impact of your actions as well as to be able to concretely demonstrate and communicate on your efforts to your customers.

Corporate social responsibility

Why does the transition to Industry 4.0 increase efficiency?

In recent years, we have entered a new era where the transition to a connected industry is becoming inevitable. This industry 4.0 brings many advantages for companies thanks to the potential for large-scale data collection and analysis.

Equipment failure prediction

It becomes possible to implement a predictive maintenance strategy, which consists of the ability to anticipate equipment failures weeks or even months in advance. For industries, the value of the information provided by this type of equipment maintenance is therefore immense as it allows them to concentrate their resources on the equipment that needs them and to avoid costly unscheduled equipment downtime.

Equipement optimization

Industry 4.0 also helps you becomming more energy efficient. It becomes possible to analyse your consumption in real time and thus to detect sources of losses and inefficiencies. Optimising your machines not only allows you to act with a more sustainable approach but also to reduce your costs significantly.

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