You are an industrial company with a strong expertise on your market. You really want to :

– position yourself as an actor of digital change & innovation

– improve the efficiency, safety & performance of your operations

– optimize communication with your employees on site & in motion

Ready to ensure your production & your safety ?

We offer high-impact solutions tailored to your business needs

Fixed sensors

Real-time quality of your working environment

Embedded sensors

Optimize the communication & the safety of your employees

Our conviction ?

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise of data provide real opportunities for companies to strengthen their value proposition & efficiency

Insens team

Having trained as civil engineers and fascinated by the business world and digital transformation, we have founded INSENS for the primary purpose of providing highly efficient & innovative solutions to technological and operational challenges faced by industries.


Data intelligence

Real-time collect & delivery of automated data

Digital experience

Data analytics & future trends via a private graphic web interface

Transformation & Performance

Solution to safety & quality issues for increased performance


Heavy industries such as metallurgy, industrial painting, power companies,…

Building sector companies

Public sector companies such as emergency services, road network maintenance, edifices, museums,…

Latest News

Mind & Market 2020 : digital promotion and explanation of Insens

This year, due to the Covid-19 conditions, the Mind&Market team promotes several entrepreneurial projects through a short video.
You can watch and like the video here below