Mining industry

Insens helps to reduce unplanned production stoppages in the extraction sector. With our RED system, we monitor the health of your production lines in real time by installing our sensors directly in the electrical cabins supplying your machines.

In this section, you’ll find all the important information you need to know about our system for your sector, including :

– The machines to which our RED predictive maintenance system can be connected.

– Potential gains based on typical equipment in your sector.

– The most frequent types of failure in your sector, and how we can deal with them.
Mining industry
Petrochemical industry

Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry places ever-increasing demands on safety and quality. That’s why RED enables high-precision data collection and early detection of faults on machines crucial to production lines.

The environment of a company active in the chemical and petrochemical industries brings together many different machines, including fans, pumps and compressors. RED is perfectly suited to this range of equipment, and is installed in the electrical cabinet supplying the machines concerned. Hard-to-reach machines are then easily monitored by our teams.

The demands of this industrial environment make it a perfect partner for Insens in predictive maintenance and energy optimization for all your production lines. Find out how we can reduce your unplanned production downtime with our RED system by clicking on the link below.

Food industry

The food sector also places high demands on the quality of its end products. To ensure that these products are among the best on the market, it is essential that production lines are running at optimum efficiency and can operate for long periods without problems.

Our RED system enables you to continuously analyze the machines on your production lines to ensure that they are always operating ideally, thus reducing unplanned downtime which can affect the efficiency of the entire line. With machine health monitored in real time, your systems can deliver top-quality end products all year round.

Whether it’s pumps, fans, mixers or conveyors, to name but a few, we can help you optimize your production line to boost profitability, both through energy optimization and early detection of mechanical or electrical faults.

Food industry
Water indsutry

Water industry

The services offered by the water sector require particular attention to monitoring their operation. As these machines consume a lot of energy, it’s crucial to have a system that reduces their impact on the environment and the costs associated with their use.

RED alleviates this consumption problem, while detecting up to several months in advance any future equipment breakdowns that may occur in the sector. With RED, you can keep your business running at peak performance, and reduce your operating costs.

We detect future plant failures on pumps, mixers, fans and many other machines typical of the water sector. RED is the perfect tool for predictive maintenance and energy optimization, and is already helping many companies in this sector to boost production line productivity.

Steel industry

The steel and metallurgy sectors operate in sometimes dangerous conditions, requiring great care in the use of the various machines present on industrial sites. Production stoppages are also very costly, and must be kept to a minimum to guarantee profitability.

Insens, through its RED system, aims to limit production downtime by identifying in advance any faults or wear and tear on machines operating in the environment. With faults spotted before they cause problems, maintenance operations can be scheduled in advance to take place at the most opportune times, with the least impact on the company’s operations.

RED analyzes and detects faults in machines specific to the steel and metallurgy industries, such as pumps, fans, winders and rollers, enabling the production of many of the products needed by many of today’s companies.
Steel industry
Other industries

Other industries

Insens is active in many industries to predict future production line failures and optimize energy consumption. In addition to the food, petrochemical, water and extraction sectors, we offer our solutions to all sectors using the same types of machines operating with three-phase induction motors.
In this way, we enable predictive maintenance and energy optimization on pumps, fans, compressors, crushers, mixers, conveyors, submerged pumps, dosers, cutters, vibrating belt machines, etc…

Whatever your environment or type of industry, we’re bound to have the savings to offer you, and the operating costs we can reduce for you.

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