About us

At Insens, we believe in a more sustainable industry without compromising on production efficiency

Our mission

Increasing the overall production equipment efficiency and achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives by eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing the energy consumption of your rotating equipment

Our values

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Long-term relationships

Long-term relationships

In everything Insens does, we are committed to building lasting relationships to exceed our clients' expectations.

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Cherish our customers' needs

Cherish our customers' needs

Insens listens to your needs and expectations and adapts its solution to fit your project in the most appropriate way. 

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Sustainable future

Sustainable future

Insens creates cutting-edge technology in order to help industrial players to move towards a sustainable approach.

Our leadership team

Nicolas Verbeek

Nicolas Verbeek


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Guillaume Francaux


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Gautier Waterlot


How it all started

Gautier, Guillaume and Nicolas worked together during their student years on a project where they met various companies and industries. They became aware of some recurring problems, in particular on production equipment. The recurring problems were on the one hand about the energy consumption of these machines and the environmental consequences and on the other hand about the unplanned production downtimes that these AC motors can cause.


The team then created a first draft of a solution, and the Insens project was born. Other meetings gradually led to the solution that the startup develops and markets today.

Nowadays, thanks to its IoT & AI solution, Insens wishes to support companies in their transition towards a more efficient and sustainable industry 4.0

Our Story

Start of the project at the University

At that time, Gautier and Guillaume went to meet the industries to ask their current problems while Nicolas designed the first solutions.

Insens is born

For the signature of the first contract in industry, the company Insens was created in order to deliver the promised solution to the customer.

Research & Development for industry 4.0

Discussions with its first customers led  Insens to accelerate the technological development of the solutions . Since then, it has never stopped innovating.

Predictive maintenance & energy savings

These two subjects were discussed very frequently with its partners and clients. The startup realized that a synergy can be made with its former developpement.
The R&D team grows and focused on the RED project.

Launch of RED
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Improve equipment uptime

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Reduce maintenance cost

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Eliminate unplanned downtime

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Reduce your energy consumption

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Boost your efficiency

Reduce your costs and increase your overall equipement efficiency with Insens

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