Petrochemical industry

Petrochemistry is undoubtedly one of the most demanding sector in terms of safety at its various operating sites. In addition to offering high quality products that must comply with a number of different standards, petrochemical companies face major constraints when production is halted due to failures that can occur at any time on one or more machines in action. RED makes it possible to continuously analyze the behavior of the various equipment present on production lines, and to predict future machine breakdowns. 

Thanks to our RED system, our teams are then able to drastically reduce unplanned downtime and maximize the profitability of your operations. RED is installed directly in the electrical cabinet supplying the machines, making it the perfect partner for predictive maintenance in Atex environments or any other hazardous sector.


Availability of your equipment

Energy consumption

Average energy savings

CO2 emissions

 Less CO2 emissions

Specific breakdown of the petrochemical industry

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