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We eliminate unplanned production downtime and reduce the electrical overconsumption of rotating equipment in industry.

RED - Predictive Maintenance. Energy Optimisation

Our monitoring sensors are not located on the assets themselves, but inside the motor control cabinet. It brings numerous benefits to our machine monitoring system:


RED makes it possible to monitor hard-to-reach equipment (e.g. in ATEX or submerged areas). The sensor is placed in a secure environment.
Only one sensor is needed to monitor assets along the whole drive train.
In addition to mechanical failures, the system can also detect electrical failures.
Our system is able to measure energy consumption and detect sources of inefficiencies.
It is very simple and convenient to install: less than 30 minutes per machine equipped.
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The benefits of RED

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- 15% energy consumption

Reduce the energy consumption of your company's equipment by more than 15%!

Monitor your data remotely and in real time, and benefit from an energy audit of your machines.

+ 7% availability

Increase the availability of your production lines by reducing downtime and planning maintenance schedules. RED enables you to make significant savings by reducing unplanned production downtime and optimizing the energy consumption of your production lines.

- 15% CO2 emissions

Reduce your business' CO2 emissions by cutting production downtime, reducing machine breakdowns and optimizing the energy efficiency of your assets.

You'll receive optimization suggestions and be able to quantify the savings you've made and can make!

1 solution for 2 purposes

Predictive maintenance

Energy optimization

RED platform maintenance

RED enables us to reduce production downtime by detecting electrical and mechanical failures in your production equipment in advance. This saves you money by minimizing wear and tear on your production lines, prolonging their service life, and enabling you to plan an effective maintenance schedule that is consistent with the state of health of your machines at all times. All the data from your equipment connected to RED is available on our platform, accessible via your favorite browser.

Energy optimization

RED platform Energy

Our system continuously measures the data supplied by the electrical current feeding your production machines. With this continuous monitoring via the electrical current, we can make recommendations for optimizing the energy consumption of your machines, enabling you to reduce the operating costs associated with the use of this equipment. You are in direct contact with our teams for all your requirements, to optimize your company’s operations to the maximum.

How do we use RED to improve your production lines?

Our system is an AI based machine monitoring system, that when connected to AC motors, analyses your data and detects deviations from normal patterns. This powerful equipment monitoring system takes care of everything, from collecting data to alerting you to potential equipment failures and to recommending tailor-made optimisations for your assets. Our solution is only compatible with three-phase electric motors.


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Our sensors take the data from the electrical signals of your motors and send it to our platform.


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Our algorithms work 24/7 to detect developping failures several weeks to months in advance.


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Based on our energetic and maintenance diagnosis, we increase the overal equipement efficiency.


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Data is displayed in real-time on your dashboard. As soon as a failure is detected an expert contacts your team to determine an action plan.

RED environment

Easy to install. Inside the motor control cabinet.

Our monitoring sensors are installed directly inside the motor control cabinet.

They collect data from the electrical signals of your assets and send them to our platform.

Our algorithms then analyze the collected data and provide you with optimization recommendations.

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Not only have we succeeded in reducing our energy costs, but we have also improved our environmental footprint by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, our production processes have become more efficient, enabling us to increase our production capacity and remain competitive in the market.

Emilien Pesché, Director of Calcaires de Florennes

Emilien Pesché

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