Insens offers a connected solution in the form of fixed or mobile sensors operating on a network that allows the sharing of information even in the most isolated places to protect, optimize and secure industrial environments and its workers.

The collected data is sent back to your webplatform which will allow you to centralize your data, analyze it and prevent future dangers.

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Thanks to our embedded sensors, Insens ensures the safety of workers. Our connected solution offer a system of alert, localization, man down position and allow the transmission of information in isolated places without any existing network.


Our fixed sensors allow you to connect your environment according to your needs.

Measure the different unknowns in order to be alerted to any problems and  prevent different events that could happen to you thanks to our measurements and predictions 

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Insens cockpit is a user-friendly IoT platform that can be customized according to your desires. It allows you to centralize all the data collected through the installed sensors.

Insens cockpit provides many features such as detailed data, artificial intelligence data, prediction, alarms, real-time, global vision of your site, monitoring and many more…


In addition to offering connected sensors, Insens offers you a solution as a service.

Indeed, all the sensors, whether mobile or fixed, communicate with each other in a bidirectional way that allow us to locate, alert, control, and secure places or employers even in the most difficult access areas. 

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most frequently asked questions

Connecting to your dashboard is very easy, once your sensors are installed and ready to use, just go to the following address : and enter your login and password.

Our web platform allows access to several people simultaneously and offers the possibility to choose the authorizations according to the people connecting to the platform.

Our web platform offers many possibilities such as detailed data, artificial intelligence data, prediction, alarms, real-time, global vision of your site, monitoring. In addition to that, depend to your needs we can adjust it to fit to your buisness.

All our sensors operate under LoRaWAN technology which allows a transmission of information over very long distances, we can cover more than 34 000m² with a non-existent network.