What we offer at INSENS

Connected sensors

Your company benefits from the sensors the most appropriate to your needs.
Customised measures of toxic gas, temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.
Periodical sending of the data to your control center.

IoT Network

Connection of your industrial site to the IoT network according to your personal needs.
Improvement of your performance and the security of your working environment by intelligence being moved from the devices to your personal cloud.
Access to a fluent connection to the IoT network from a city center or deep in the countryside

Personal web interface

Access to a personal dashboard.
User- friendly IoT software providing functionalities such as detailed data, artificial Intelligence data, prediction, alarms, real-time monitoring and many more…

Because being focus on your expertise is what matters the most to you

We offer a complete solution to meet your performance & efficiency needs

Fixed sensors

Mobile sensors

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