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Discover our powerful Machine monitoring system

Leap to the most valuable predictive maintenance and energy optimization system of rotating equipment with the help of RED, our custom sensors & AI algorithms.

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Diagram of the machine monitoring system showing one sensor for the all drive train

Our monitoring sensors are not located on the assets themselves, but inside the motor control cabinet. It brings numerous benefits to our machine monitoring system:

RED makes it possible to monitor hard-to-reach equipment (e.g. in ATEX or submerged areas). The sensor is placed in a secure environment.
Only one sensor is needed to monitor assets along the whole drive train.
In addition to mechanical failures, the system can also detect electrical failures.
RED is able to measure energy consumption and detect sources of inefficiencies.
RED is very simple and convenient to install: below 30 minutes without the need to shut down the equipment.

How does RED work?

RED is an AI based machine monitoring system, that when connected to AC motors, analyses your data and detects deviations from normal patterns. This powerful equipment monitoring system takes care of everything, from collecting data to alerting you to potential equipment failures and to recommending tailor-made optimisations for your assets. Our solution is only compatible with three-phase electric motors.


Image of the sensor in the motor control cabinet to analyse electrical signature

Our sensors take the data from the electrical signals of your motors and send it to our platform.


24/7 AI-based algorithm to analyse motor condition

Our algorithms work 24/7 to detect developping failures several weeks to months in advance.


Image showing equipment optimization

Based on our energetic and maintenance diagnosis, we increase the overal equipement efficiency.


Image of dashboard with failure alerts and suggestions

Data is displayed in real-time on your dashboard. As soon as a failure is detected an expert contacts your team to determine an action plan.

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why is red a powerful machine monitoring system?

RED is more than just a predictive maintenance system. Most condition monitoring solutions focus only on machine health diagnosis and detecting upcoming failures (e.g. thanks to vibration analysis, lubricant analysis or infrared thermography). Our cutting-edge technology allows us, with the same solution, to provide predictive maintenance diagnostics with high reliability but also to monitor energy consumption, offer optimization suggestions and report the savings made.

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We help you eliminate unplanned downtime by predicting machine failure several months in advance.

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We can detect sources of energy ineffficiencies and therefore help you minimize those losses to reduce you energy consumption.

reduce environmental impact icon

We help you through your transition to a more sustainable approach. We can measure and quantify your efforts and therefore help you demonstrate them to your customers.

predictive maintenance diagnosis

RED helps you predict equipement failure by analysing the electrical signals supplying your production lines. 

Eliminate unplanned downtime

RED helps you to put the priority on the machines that need it and at the same time avoid unscheduled and extremely costly breakdowns.

schedule maintenance planning

RED allows you to anticipate failures and therefore to organize your equipment maintenance schedule according to which machinery has to be controlled.

Monitor remotly in real-time

RED offers you continuous diagnostics through a 24/7 algorithm. Be alerted instantly when a problem has been detected.

What kind of failures can red detect?

Our powerful machine monitoring system can detect both mechanical and electrical failures. Discover here in more details the problems RED could predict.

RED is designed to detect any abnormal changes in your power supply of variable frequency drive supplying your motors 

  • Current or voltage harmonic distortion
  • Over-or-under voltage
  • Current or voltage unbalance

With its current and voltage sensors, RED detects both mechanical and electrical developing faults in your AC motors such as

  • Bearings degradation
  • Stator shorts
  • Stator winding looseness
  • Broken rotor bars
  • Rotors eccentricity
  • Electrical unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Anchoring issues – soft foot
  • Mechanical unbalance

The advanced algorithms detect also the failures on the transmission between the motor and its drive train

  • Chain & belt wear
  • Gear misalignment
  • Broken gear
  • Pulley unbalance
  • Coupling unbalance
  • Coupling eccentricity

Most of the failures on the production assets are at the load level. This is why RED is able to detect different failures on a wide range of loads such as

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Fans
  • Mixers
  • Conveyors
  • Rolls
  • ….

Some of the recurring problems we can detect are for exemple:

  • Cavitation
  • Bearing degradation
  • Impeller damage
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment

RED suits on other types of loads. Please contact us if your interest lies in other types of machines.

What if I have a recurring problem that you don’t mention in your list? Can I be sure that RED fits my equipment?

Please contact us for any question you might have!

Electrical consumption diagnosis

RED helps you reduce your energy consumption by identifying inefficiencies in your production lines

Energy auditing of your assets

RED monitors your energy consumption 24/7 and sort your data in a readable way on your online dashboard.

optimization suggestions

RED analyses your consumption and, after the analysis of one of our experts, provides tailored recommendations to your needs to help you improve energy efficiency.

quantify and report the savings

RED performs an energy audit of your assets. It quantifies the energy savings and cost savings you have achieved by implementing these suggestions.

What kind of information does red provide?

RED offers you the knowledge of the detailed energy consumption and key figures of each asset to help you control your annual consumption. You’ll find on your personal dashboard

  • Annual energy consumption
  • Breakdown by machine, asset type, …
  • Implementation of KPIs

Thanks to the personal and detailed analysis of our energy experts and the data received by RED, different energy improvement solutions are proposed to you.

  • Rightsizing
  • VFD analysis
  • Load analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Schedule stops

At Insens, we are committed to bringing value to our customers. To do so, we highlight the various possible gains that we propose as well as profitability analyses.

  • Annual energy savings
  • Cost of implementation
  • Estimated ROI
  • Highlight the most cost-effective projects

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Insens is easily integrated into your infrastructure


Our monitoring sensors are installed directly inside the motor control cabinet.
They collect data from the electrical signals of your assets and send them to our platform.
Our algorithms then analyze the collected data and provide you with optimization recommendations.

Quantify sustainable improvements

Improve your environmental impact while reducing your costs with RED. Since our machine monitoring system continuously evaluates your power consumption, it is possible to observe the evolution of your energy consumption in detail.

Let's take CSR initiatives together

SDG 9, industry innovation and infrastructure

Retrofit industries to make them sustainable, with increased resource-use efficiency

ISO 50001

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions while saving energy

SDG 12 logo, responsible consumption and production

Encourage companies to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle

SDG 8, Decent work and economic growth

Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through technological upgrading and innovation

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Improve equipment uptime
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Reduce maintenance cost
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Eliminate unplanned downtime
Reduce energy consumption icon
Reduce your energy consumption
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Boost your efficiency
Reduce your costs and increase your overall equipement efficiency with Insens

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Introduction to RED: pdf document

Introduction to RED for your industry

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