What you need

– Your site is harsh (side of road, work at a height,etc, emergency services,…).

– You want a remote control of your employees’ working conditions via a performant and personalized monitoring.

– Your industrial environment requires great attention to parameters such as gas, CO2, deadman position, movement, fall.

– You want a solution more sophisticated & powered by LED and LCD screen with a personal alarm integrated in your day- to-day tools (email).

Regain the entire control of your industrial site by an active protection of your employees


What we offer

Bidirectional communication

Communicate with our employees is easier than ever. Anywhere on your site, you can send a message on their personal dashboard.

Efficient communication allows you to take control of the safety of your employees & take proper actions at the right time.

Smart tracking

You have real-time monitoring of the exact position of your employees and exterior intervenants. A real added-value in unsafe situations.

Productivity +++

Optimized communication between workers on your site & the control center means higher productivity and reduced costs for your company.

Quality +++

You have a clear view of important parameters that impact the effectiveness of your day-to-day operations.

Time saving

You get the data directly on your personal dashboard anywhere, anytime.

You save precious time without having to sense manually. The sensors do it for you automatically and periodically.

Ready to take advantage of IoT as a lever of your company’s economic development ?

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