Connect the safety of your workers

Regain the entire control of your industrial site by an active protection of your employees thanks to our connected mobile sensors, you can prevent danger and ensures the safety of your workers. Our captors are under a LoRaWAN connectivity that allow us to communicate even in the most difficult acces places without 4G networks such as technical gallery, underground, industrial cellar, etc, ..

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Localise your workers at any moment with the help of our fixed sensors who communicate together in BLE. 

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Man-down position

The mobile sensors are equipped with accelerometers that can send an instant message in case of a fall or dead position.

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Real-time alert

Directly connected to the dashboards, the data centralization allows to immediately alert the worker if he is in a restricted area.

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Bidirectionnal communication

The implementation of the bidirectionality of the sensors allows the dashboard to send information to the worker such as messages or alerts but also allows the worker to communicate with the platform.

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Easy transmission

LoRaWAN is a network allowing communication over a very long range. Insens has chosen this technology to reach places not easily accessible with traditional connectivity.


Optimize the lack of connectivity in industrial gallery

Many industrial companies cannot guarantee optimal security for their employees, especially those who have to travel to places where they can no longer communicate

The solution : 

Insens can provide both fixed and mobile sensors to secure and establish communication through the LoRaWAN technology, our configuration will extend the network to have a connectivity on more than 34 000m² and go through the most difficult places of access to secure any industrial site. 

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