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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover our F.A.Q. here: all the most frequently asked questions.

FREQUENtly Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Loging on to your dashboard is very easy: once your InSENSORS are installed and ready to use, just go to the address of your InCOCKPIT and enter your login and password.

Our webplatform allows several people to access the InCOCKPIT simultaneously: it offers the possibility to give illimited access permissions. Choose who has access to your platform and who does not!


A lot of information can be found on your InCOCKPIT: real-time detailed data, evolution of the collected data, predictions, alerts, global vision of your site, graphs of all kinds, and many more features. 

InCOCKPIT offers many possibilities: depending on your needs and demands, INSENS can adjust your cockpit to fit your expectations and your preferences. 

All InSENSORS operate under a RF technology which allows a transmission of information over very long distances. Only one of our InGATES can cover very large areas. You can also switch to a public network and therefore extend that network via a private one. 

Workers safety - Gallerie technique

Both our fixed and mobile InSENSORS use a RF technology that allows you to communicate even in the most remote places: technical or underground gallery, industrial cellar, or simply large buildings. Do not worry about the quality of the signal: be sure of the safety of your entire site. Extend the network to areas that are difficult to access by other basic networks. 

Your InCOCKPIT can be seen on your desktop, on your tablet, and even on your mobile phone. It adapts by itself to the screen, no need to scroll the page to see all the data.

INSENS will offer you a testing phase which is usually 6 months long. If you are satisfied with the service, INSENS will then propose a complete solution to implement.  

INSENS will determine which InSENSORS are most suitable for you and will go on the site to carry out various tests that guarantee an optimal result. Once everything is in order, INSENS will install the InSENSORS and InGATES on your site.

Your InCOCKPIT is designed by our team according to all your needs and demands. You can ask for any specific visualisation: INSENS will adapt to your preferences.

INSENS works with a subscription system adapted to your needs: it allows you to have an overview of your total costs while allowing you to split the payment yearly. 

The battery usually has a lifetime of several years. However, depending on the frequency of data collection, the battery may need to be changed earlier or later. 

The data can be collected whenever you want. INSENS can adjust the frequency of data collection depending on your business.

INSENS sends you an alert when parameters reveal strange measures. However, you will be in charge of regulating what is going wrong. 

No. INSENS works with a complete wireless system. 

With one sensor, you can measure different parameters. Moreover, if you want to have data for parameters which are not measurable – such as the dew point – INSENS calculates it for you and shows it on your InCOCKPIT

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