What you need

Your working environment requires great attention to parameters such as the monitoring levels of temperature, humidity, toxic gas, pressure and many more.

Your industrial site is harsh and you want to monitor your employees’ position on site or on-the-move (roadways, highways, electric pylons, etc.)

You need a simple & customized solution and a centralized system that warns you when the the predefined limit values ​​are exceeded.

You want a personal alarm integrated in your day- to-day tools (email).

Regain the environmental control over your working environment

INSENS technologies

What we offer

Fixed sensors

Time saving

You save precious time without having to sense manually. The sensors do it automatically and periodically for you.

Quality control

You improve the quality and the products/services you offer. Premium quality means higher company efficiency and optimized costs.

Premium network coverage

You benefit from high-performance unique sensors gathered on a single interface. Network coverage guaranteed in all locations.

Ready to take advantage of IoT as a lever of your company’s economic development ?

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