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We’re on TV!

March 2021 – We’re on TV!

You were maybe able to see INSENS on 2 different channels during the 3rd week of March. Indeed, La Une and ActuBW both dedicated an article to our solution and how it could solve problems related to coronavirus: both reports were about the possible reopening of sports halls thanks to the implementation of sensors measuring CO2 levels in indoor spaces to prevent proliferation of bacteria. 

As we know, Covid-19 affected many sectors, including the sport sector. The current health crisis has forced the majority of indoor sports facilities to shut down. INSENS was very interested in this problem and quickly started looking for a solution to allow everyone to return to sports halls safely. 

In addition to the Covid-19 situation, the indoor conditions of these gyms are subject to strict rules at a European level. For example, the CO2 rate must not exceed 800 ppm for the comfort and safety of the users, as any higher level can lead to bacterial growth. 

INSENS has therefore adapted its solution to this purpose and now offers CO2 InSENSORS that can be installed in all gyms! You can be sure of the well-being and safety of your athletes at all times as the sensors measure your indoor environmental conditions.

If you want to see both news report and therefore see our InSENSORS and InCOCKPIT in action, you can have a look at them on the following websites: 

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