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IMPROVe the visualisation and control of your environmental parameters THROUGH OUR CONNECTED Solution

INSENS’ mission is to help industries and companies to improve the control as well as the visualisation of the environmental parameters that influence their day-to-day management. 

Why is measuring your environmental parameters important?

The management of these parameters may seem invisible, but is in fact crucial as it has a major impact on various levels of the company: 



In only 3 steps, collect, analyse, and visualise your data immediately.

Discover our InSENSORS, our InGATES, and our InCOCKPIT!

Sense your environment with our InSENSORS.
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Measure the different environmental conditions of your projects. The InSENSORS collect your data and analyse the needed parameters all at once. Save valuable time by letting our fixed wireless sensors measure different parameters: humidity, CO2, temperature, vibration, pressure, and many more depending on your needs.

Connect your environment with our InGATES.
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The data collected by the InSENSORS is then sent to our InGATES through a wireless network. These gateways can cover very large areas: by using RF - radio frequency - connected sensors and gateways, you ensure the coverage of your whole environment. The InGATES are an efficient solution to connect your sensors while avoiding to carry out works on your site.

Visualise and control your data with the InCOCKPIT.
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Your InCOCKPIT centralises all the data collected by the InSENSORS and sent by the InGATES. Get supervision, analysis, and monitoring tools adapted to your needs. Log on to the platform and see the evolution of your data over a chosen period of time: 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 1 month, etc. 

You already have a visualisation system? INSENS' solution can easily be connected to existing system. 


INSENS is active in different sectors such as the industrial and medical sector, as well as the warehousing or the energy sector.

Discover all our applications here!


Control the storage conditions of your industry.

Save valuable time: use our solution that does not mobilise your teams to collect data manually. Receive real-time alerts: avoid losing any heat-sensitive materials. Visualise your data easily on your personalised InCOCKPIT. Choose a solution adapted to your needs for a better control over your site.


Keep your most precious documents away from humidity. 

Never lose any more fragile and heat-sensitive works: be alerted of any change in the temperature and humidity of your storage rooms. Visualise the problems and their location directly on your InCOCKPIT: act immediately before it is too late. 


Guarantee your customers and partners the highest quality.

Choose a simple reliable solution to measure the environmental conditions of your laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. Reassure your stakeholders: your personalised InCOCKPIT provides automatic statements of your storage and production conditions.


Know in real time the environmental conditions of your outdoor installations.

Our sensors also operate outdoors via a wireless network. Find out in real time whether you can paint your pylons for instance: our platform shows you the temperature variations around the dew point. 


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