CO2 Sensor - All Your Data Available At Your Fingertips


CO2 sensor: All Your Data Available At Your Fingertips


Restaurateurs, fitness centers, amusement parks … All were looking forward to the relief measures that came into force on September 28, 2021! As a result, the Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke and the ministerial decree set the rules for the marketing of air purification systems in public places and defines the standards that must be met in relation to the rate of CO2 indoors. 


By 20 November 2021, the Consultation Committee asks the regional Ministers of Education and Labour to ensure that CO2 meters are promptly and generally installed in all school and company premises where large numbers of people gather.

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What does the ministerial decision say?

The ministerial order urges everyone to continue to wear masks, wash their hands and keep their distance, but it states that adequate ventilation of all buildings with fresh air  is a necessary condition to limit airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2. He also says that ventilation systems will be held to greater scrutiny as well as areas with high visitor density. It is therefore imperative to always be able to know if our ventilation is up to standard and highly recommended to monitor the CO2 level in all types of buildings at all times.

Why does the ministerial order focus on CO2 levels to prevent the spread of COVID? 

When we exhale, we release CO2. We therefore release micro-droplets (aerosols) into the air that can contain viruses if we are infected. CO2, a gas whose concentration in the air can be measured easily with CO2 sensors and any information about this concentration can be communicated to you on mobile applications or easy to understand software. This is why the CO2 concentration is often used as an indicator of the ventilation rate in rooms occupied by people. The more intense the ventilation, the lower the risk of spreading a virus.

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Who is more specifically concerned by the ministerial order? 

Following the latest measures announced by the Belgian government, several sectors including HORECA, coworking spaces, fitness centers, universities, schools, museums, concerts, shopping malls and shops will have to measure the ambient CO2 level in their facilities. Although it is highly recommended for all sectors to measure CO2, the obligation to install a visible CO2 detector is nevertheless a prerequisite for the reopening of HORECA establishments and fitness centers. 

What are the maximum CO2 levels not to be exceeded in the ministerial order?

A concentration of 900 ppm (parts of CO2 per million) is generally accepted as the first alert threshold for the health of people present in an indoor space.  A concentration of CO2 higher than a threshold of 900 ppm should lead in all cases not to occupy the room and to act in terms of ventilation / air renewal and / or reduction of the number of people admitted to the premises. 
If the CO2 level reaches 1200 ppm, we close everything!

“Except in the case of an open terrace, the use of an air quality measuring device (CO2) is mandatory in catering establishments and drinking establishments in the HORECA sector and it must be installed in a way that is clearly visible to the visitor. The target air quality standard is 900 ppm CO2. Between 900 ppm and 1200 ppm the operator must have an action plan to ensure compensatory ventilation or air purification measures. Above 1200 ppm the facility must close immediately. “

We take care of your co2 measurements

CO2 sensor by Insens

What if there was a solution to calculate your CO2 level (ppm) in real time to prevent the spread of the virus and keep you from closing your business? Our sensors are made to protect you and others from a bad ventilation that would prevent you from continuing your professional activity.
As soon as your CO2 level increases, you will know and can take action in time! Avoid any risk of closure or spread of the virus, measure your CO2 level to adapt the occupancy rate of your premises or your business if necessary and inform your employees of your good practices – this is our commitment!

No installation work 

Our recent developments allow us to support you so that you can have the most intuitive solution possible and without having to perform installation work.
Our teams install the sensors directly in your infrastructure by adapting to your environment. The small and discreet sensors are installed in a few minutes in your premises.

Image of Insens CO2 sensor

Your CO2 level at your fingertips

Whether in a single room or in multiple buildings at different locations, our wireless sensors, which run on battery power for several years, will send all the necessary information directly to your InCockpit, which can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet or computer. The type of visualization is customizable to your needs.

A phygital solution

All our sensors are connected to a simple software for use and visualization called InCockpit. The InCockpit is your platform for visualizing all the data collected by all your sensors. It allows you to analyze, live, all the rates measured by your sensors.
The InCockpit also gives you access to automatic recalibration of all your sensors without any human intervention, which will save you time and money. If your environment does not allow it a manual calibration is also possible.
This platform also allows you to generate summary tables of all your data since the installation. This will allow you to have the complete history internally.
If you wish to be alerted when the CO2 level exceeds 900ppm, 1200ppm or any other threshold, we will take care of it via email and/or sms!


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Warning light

An indicator light is available on the sensor to inform, without panicking, the occupants of your rooms

Colours can be set according to your thresholds 


400 – 900 ppm : Green
900 – 1200 ppm : Orange
 > 1200 ppm : Red


– Detection type : NDIR
– Range : 0 – 10 000 ppm
– Accuray : 50 ppm / 3% of reading
– Calibration : ABC calibration or manual

Ask us your questions and contact our team so that we can help you in these steps


No, our team comes to your site to analyze where to put the CO2 sensors and takes care of the installation

There are no ready-made answers. It depends on your building. Our teams are here to guide you, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

No, our sensors communicate via radio frequency. This allows us to install sensors anywhere on your site without network connection problems. Moreover, it allows us to extend the autonomy of our CO2 sensors to several years.

Yes, our team can install them on your walls without worries. We don’t need a power outlet either.

As much as necessary. Our teams can help you not to buy too many sensors unnecessarily.

Yes you can have multiple users without extra fees

Yes, everything is remotely configurable.

The alerts are sent directly to the email addresses you provide and indicate in a simple way the nature and location of the problem

We sell the material. Typically the price of our sensors is between 200 and 250€.
We then give you access to our InCockpit through an annual license whose price depends on the number of sensors.

Yes, we also have other measurements

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