Insens is here to help you control your air quality

Calculate air quality to keep your indoor activities running smoothly 

Limit the transmission of Covid 19

Several scientific sources agree that the level of carbon dioxide (𝑪𝑶𝟐) plays a determining role in the aerosol spread of the Covid-19 virus

INSENS allows a follow-up of the different temperatures, relative humidities and rates of 𝑪𝑶𝟐 within your buildings according to the time of the day

Monitoring the 𝑪𝑶𝟐 allows you to analyse if the occupation of the room does not generate too high risks of aerosol virus inter-contamination

COVID19 - Air quality
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OUr solution

 Our solution, strategically placed sensors in the rooms will capture the temperature, relative humidity and level of CO2 before relaying it via LoRa technology to a gateway so that it can be viewed and analyzed directly on the Insens Dashboard


The INSENS solution was developed to meet  the needs of today’s companies. We want to set up smart monitoring  to increase the safety and well-being of your employees in your buildings, classrooms, meeting rooms and make sure that people don’t surcharge room 


The interest of this measurement has an economic advantage. Our solution makes it possible to visualize how the air quality varies according to your ventilation. Insens answers the directly questions : “Is it important to take 100% cold fresh air or is it possible to recirculate my air in the buildings without altering the air quality?”